Data Quality Concerns

The overwhelming worries surrounding unclean statistics have convinced many businesses a strong and flexible alternative is the only method to take care of data hygiene problems.  A excellent information is the basis on which each firm 's plan is to build in addition to many where it is conveyed to several stake holders and clients.

A Gartner Inc's study report also predicted that  'dirty statistics ' will cause 50 percent of the insurance companies to have jeopardized decision-making assumptions by 2012.  Data cleanup (also called as data routing ) is the act of discovering and eliminating corrupt or incorrect records from a database

MIDAS has become popular amongst the respective verticals, since it not only offers clients the information integration and hygiene difficulties.  Additionally, it permits organizations to valuable choices to seamlessly incorporate the solution to different programs.

Data Anomaly problems across the World 
Businesses that may 't address this unclean data will cover a heavy cost, but not only will they lose clients, but business experts forecast huge lawsuits coming from supplying wrong data.

As stated by the Data Warehousing Institute, a company that offers high quality education and study in the company intelligence and data warehousing industry, companies lose more than $600 billion annually because of poor quality information, while direct entrepreneurs in Europe invest 195 million pounds yearly on erroneously addressed global mails.

The very best method for organizations to remain ahead by handling their information hygiene problems is to be sure their clean information becomes a target not just of individual sections but of their company as a whole.  CIO'S have to generate quality information a corporate objective.  Quality information needs to be basic parts of civilization and set it on precisely the exact same level as other adulthood.  Quality information generates satisfied clients 

Organizations across multiple businesses are now able to save countless dollars squandered on data that is malicious.   MIDAS incorporates across various databases and applications using its proprietary resources.

Bodhtree performs information hygiene operations and report back results and improved information through web-based portalsite. 
 Jump templates are collection of resources and procedures which Bodhtree has built over years of expertise in managing critical customer requirements.  These templates allow faster deployment of alternative in client end.

Turn-key Solutions, in which Bodhtree's proven procedures are implemented at client location utilizing customer certain tools.  MIDAS procedure is instrument agnostic and may be implemented on client information utilizing any present toolset that client possesses. 

1. MIDAS Technology
2. Quick books
3. EDI Connectors
5. CSV and Excel Documents 

Among the major drivers behind the creation of MIDAS is that the burgeoning global data cleanup market section and the unprecedented development of information generated by people that necessitates continuous optimization focus.  The marketplace for data cleanup alternatives is pegged at $100 billion in the united states alone, where the healthcare industry accounts for approximately $20 billion, which holds enormous potential for alternatives like MIDAS.

MIDAS Case Studies 

1.  MIDAS Data Anomaly Option 
Client Background
The US customer is the planet 's biggest infomercial business, with earnings of over USD 3 Billion, working at US, Europe, Japan and Australia, using a client base of 30 million clients.  The marketing channels utilized by the customer are net, 1-800 numbers and kiosks

The customer had outsourced the whole surgeries, where purchase calls are obtained by telemarketing businesses and call centres and deliveries are managed by fulfillment centres.  These facilities are dispersed throughout the world in a lot of locations.  Orders come through different channels and geographies.  Data from these types of businesses are sent back to the client at pre-defined intervals and also have to get packed to the client ERP and subsequently to Information Warehouse.

The challenge faced by the customer was that the consolidation of consumer records obtained from various data sources.  A fresh customer master was crucial for the understanding worth of campaigns run from the customer advertising groups.

Bodhtree MIDAS Option 
The client master comprised 30 Million documents with anomalies like incomplete, invalid, incorrect and incorrect information and client duplicate documents.  The MIDAS solution supplied by Bodhtree assisted in removal of 10 million replicate documents, enrichment of their client information and mapping of the genuine clients to the corresponding earnings and question records.  MIDAS provided the customer a  "single edition of fact ", which assisted the customer to figure the true realization value of the a variety of marketing and advertising campaigns.

2.  MIDAS Critical Software Integration

Client Background
The customer is a top international pharmaceutical company, pioneer in global drug discovery and pharmaceutical sales and also has presence in over 100 nations.   

The customer has different applications like SAP, forecasting programs, project management software and third party .NET software for stockist data upkeep that are a part of the supply chain nodes.  There's a constant stream of crucial data between those programs.  Currently information is being sent in various manners right from FTP, client ABAP programming and habit .NET coding.  Considering that the information moved between the software are critical, any loss of information or delay in transport will lead to a down time at the program processing, which will consequently have a massive influence on the business 's supply chain operations.

Using numerous technologies without appropriate coupling for information wasn't reliable because of the increased cases of failures.  Assessing the failures, discovering the lost information etc. were non-productive in addition to time consuming, aside from the other consequences it had on the company because of this downtime.

MIDAS Option 
Bodhtree's MIDAS has the power to integrate applications and data including ERPs.  MIDAS was utilized as an intermediary for information transfer between the software.  MIDAS also supplied a real-time console for tracking the status of information being moved.  MIDAS also supplied automatic critical alarms via and email and sms into the concerned employees, to ensure timely focus and smooth processing of their software.

MIDAS assisted the customer 's software to integrate smoothly and created the significant data transfer perfect.  It removed the downtime and source overheads and guaranteed smooth flow of their supply chain operations. 

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