How is Windows 7 Better Than Previous Versions ?

Will Windows 7 get up to the expectations of the users and could prove to be a really perfect Operating System? This is a query that is yet to be responded. After encountering problems with Windows Vista, many humans are worried about the brand new member of Microsoft circle of relatives. Microsoft has tried its first-rate to overcome the troubles that users faced with Vista at the side of the set of latest features that will show to be beneficial in enhancing user revel in.

There are many elements that indicate that the new OS will show to be better than all other previous versions. After a gradual Vista, Windows users are desperately looking ahead to a faster device, some thing similar to Windows XP or better. Microsoft has granted this wish to the customers. Windows 7 is speedy. It boots itself inside 30 seconds. When in comparison with boot time of Windows Vista, Windows 7 is a long way better. Built-in Internet Explorer of the brand new OS is also a lot quicker than its preceding variations. But most effective being quicker isn't enough for users to improve their structures. Of direction, now not!

Windows 7 is a good deal greater stable than others. Many human beings who've used this version declare that they have never encountered the blue screen of death on their device. Moreover, the computers having a low performance configuration and hardware specification, will also be able to paintings with Windows 7 (whilst Vista didn't run on it) as it has minimum hardware requirements.

Windows has every so often been criticized to be an unsecure gadget in lots of factors. Hackers have been concentrated on Windows structures for a long term now. Many more suitable safety features have been introduced by using Microsoft in its new OS that determines how touchy it's miles approximately security and protective its users' information and privateness. New safety packages had been added to the customers to maintain their private facts secure and at bay from unauthorized hands. Internet Explorer eight, which comes as a default browser with Windows 7, creates a greater at ease environment for internet users.

Apart from those upgrades, users interface has been significantly better. Many functions like jump lists, appLocker, BitLocker to Go, Improved computing device make a contribution to simplifying and securing the everyday obligations. Hence, Windows 7 is a better Operating System with improved performance that comes as a blessing for customers.

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