Acer C7 chromebook Using Chrome OS and Total Specifications

Google's brand new weapon in Notebook class is launched.  Acer C7 chromebook includes newest working system & have a performance you'll never ever forget.  About one month after Google has launched its brand new product with Acer.  Together with Chrome Operating program and superfast chip the chromebook has supreme notebook attributes.  

This Acer chromebook comes with an Intel Celeron processor with Dual heart.  Additionally, it's also light weight notebook that's chiefly preferable by Notebook Lovers.  Its Layout and appearances are so appealing that with no first touch you won't ever satisfy.  The purchase price of this notebook is $199. 

Feel the Twist and Style 
This is among the affordable notebook of cheapest variant.  This doesn't signify that's not hip looks and design.  The new Acer C7 chromebook is completely Generic and functional.  The Logos of the Google Chrome and Acer makes the design unique. 

The display lid & computer area unit painted iron grey whereas the bottom shell is made of black vinyl & thus the display edge is finished in glossy black.  Oddly, each of those pesky surfaces decides to draw fingerprints to diverse degrees.  Acer's entire is stenciled beneath the glistening eleven.  6-inch display & inside the center of the lid.  The Chrome br& has been adorned inside the top-left corner of the lid -- it's a decal that began losing at periods minutes individuals unboxing that the C7.  You will discover a digital camera link degreed mike in addition to the display & thus the power button having an embedded blue light diode in addition to the computer keyboard to the leftside. 

As Screen is one of most significant factor of a notebook.  Thus Google with Acer has designed a notebook with magnificent Screen.  The acer chromebook includes LED backlight screen with this chromebook.  The entire size of this screen is 11.6inches.   The screen is of high-definition.  These audio tinny & place unit easy to jumpstart, being located within the base shell near the front fringe of the keyboard on every single systems.  Samsung defeats Acer on loudness here, no matter how the C7's volume remains sufficient in a really quiet place. 

Performance with Professionally 
The Acer chromebook notebook is built for superb performance.   Which can be a dual core chip.  The Random memory of this notebook is 2GB using DDR3 SDRAM.   These Hardware allows you a fast response functionality with more precision.  A high-definition camera is also given in front .  The Battery lifetime of this notebook can also be expandable.  It is possible to run this notebook upto 3.5Hrs.  Without being stopped. 

1. Processor Cual heart Intel-Celeron 
2. Form of Notebook HD Screen with Netbook 

  • Screen Technology LED backlight 
  • Display dimensions 11.6in. 
  • Wide-screen Available 

Memory Storage 
  • RAM memory 2GB 
  • Optical Drive Not Offered 

  • Complete Height 1inch 
  • Complete weight 3Lbs 
  • Price $199 

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